Type of expert: Individual
First Name Roxana
Last Name Popescu
Sector of Activity Public Sector
Primary Field of Expertise Humanitarian assistance and crisis response
Years of Expertise
  • 4-7
Employment Availability
  • Collaboration
  • Consultancy
  • Short-term
  • Medium term
  • Long-term
  • Remote
Geographic Experience / Focus
  • Europe
  • Americas
Gender Female
Second and Third Field
  • Sustainable development
Sustainable development
  • Environment
  • Education
Humanitarian assistance and crisis response
  • Humanitarian relief, civil emergency, crisis response
Countries you have worked in Ecuador, Haiti, Paraguay, France, Romania
Job Title Expert
Employer General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, Ministry of Administration and Interior
Sector of Activity Public Sector
Other Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
English Working Knowledge
French Professional Fluency
Spanish Professional Fluency
Papers / Articles Published

"RoxanaPopescu, Mathieu Durand et Robert d’Ercole (2014) La gestion des déchets post-catastrophe à Port-au-Prince : entre relégation et proximité, EchoGéo, No. 30, 16 p., France, availableonline : http://echogeo.revues.org/14070

Mathieu Durand, RoxanaPopescuet Robert d’Ercole (2015) Les déchets post-catastrophe à Haïti : les jeux d’acteurs d’une gestion informelle, Vertigo,Volume 14, No.1,18p., Canada,available online: https://vertigo.revues.org/15970

Flagship Projects

"1. National Disaster Risk Assessment (RO – RISK) – General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations in collaboration with public research institutions, Universities from Romania
2. CHAKE OU project - Strengthening capacities for risk reduction, management and response to urban risks in the city of Asuncion (ECHO/DIP/BUD/2013/93003) - COOPI (Cooperazione Internazionale) with the support of IRD (Institute de Recherche pour le Développement),in Asuncion, Paraguay
3. SIRV-TAB project -The Creation of an information system on the resources and the vulnerabilities for disaster preparedness, crisis management and preventive land management of Port au Prince, Haiti(ECHO/HTI/BUD/2012/91016) - COOPI (Cooperazione Internazionale) and IRD (Institute de Recherche pour le Développement) inPort au Prince, Haiti
4. Promoting a community and a gender approach to Disaster Risk Reduction in the metropolitan area of Port au Prince, Haiti (ECHO/HTI/2010/02004) - COOPI (Cooperazione Internazionale) with the support of IRD (Institute de Recherche pour le Développement), in Port au Prince, Haïti
5. Integral System of Risk Management for the Metropolitan District of Quito - Metropolitan District of Quito and United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in Quito, Ecuador

Additional info about your experience and skills

"Spatial analysis, cartography using GIS software like ArcGIS 9.3., Quantum GIS, MapInfo; Questionnaire Design for Social Surveys using software like Sphinx Plus ; Seminars, conferences participation:

1.“Post Disaster waste management in Haiti” in the “Waste management and Environment” conference, February 2013, Port au Prince, Haiti

2.“The creation of a GIS system of the resources and vulnerabilities for disaster preparedness, crisis management and preventive land management of Port au Prince” in the “Environment, society and geospatial technology” seminar, November 2013, Bucharest, Romania

Managerial Experience Yes
Years of Managerial Experience 2
Other Professional Certificates Disasters and Ecosystems: Resilience in a Changing Climate, iversity GmbH ENVAM - Environment and Territorial Planning platform Honours degree in International Relations and European Studies
Degree Awarded Master’s
Area of Study Geography and Land planning
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