Type of expert: Individual
First Name Amelia
Last Name Gorcea
Sector of Activity NGO
Primary Field of Expertise Equal rights and anti-discrimination
Years of Expertise
  • >7
Employment Availability
  • Collaboration
  • Remote
Geographic Experience / Focus
  • Romania only
Gender Female
Second and Third Field
  • National minorities
  • inter-ethnic reconciliation
  • Civil society development
National minorities and inter-ethnic reconciliation
  • National minorities and inter-ethnic reconciliation
Equal rights and anti-discrimination
  • Women and gender equality
  • Roma
  • Other minorities
Civil society development
  • Civil society development
Job Title Project Manager
Employer Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center
Sector of Activity NGO
Other Languages
  • English
  • French
English Working Knowledge
French Limited Knowledge
Papers / Articles Published

"Co-author of the brochure „Economie socială în comunități multietnice/Social economy in multiethnic communities”, Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center Publishing House, 2011co-Co-author of the volume „Carta europeană a limbilor minoritare și regionale. Între norme și practici/European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages. Between Norms and Practices”, editor Monica Călușer, Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center Publishing House, 2009
Coordinator of „Ghid de bune practici în implementarea politicilor publice locale/Guide of good practices for the implementation of public policies”, 2008, edited by Centrul Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center and Center for Public Policy, Cluj-Napoca
Coordinator of „Calendar multicultural. Diversifică-ți predarea!/Multicultural calendar. Diversify your teaching!”, Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center Publishing House, 2007
Co-author al „Approaches to Local Representation in Poland, Estonia and Bulgaria” în Soos, Gabor and Violeta Zentai (Ed.) 2005. Faces of Local Democracy. OSI/LGI Budapest
Author of „Dezvoltarea capacităţii organizaţiilor neguvernamentale din mediul rural de a răspunde nevoilor comunităţii/ Development of the capacity of rural nongovernamental organizations to respond the needs of the community” (“A civil szervezetek képéssegeinek a közösségi igények kielégitése erdékében történö fejlesztése”) în Civil Forum V/2, April-June
Author of “The role of interest groups in policymaking” in Europolis No. 2/2003, March
Co-author of “Gender Attitudes of Romanian Teenager” in East, Political Science Review Fall 2001, Issue 8"

Flagship Projects

"- Project Manager for the project ""Equal employment opportunities in the North-west and Central development regions”, POSDRU, DMI 6.3 „Promoting equal chances on the labor market”, POSDRU/144/6.3/S/129320, 2014-2015
- Regional Manager for the project „Supporting social economy in multiethnic communities in North-West and Center of Romania”, POSDRU, DMI 6.1 „Developing social economy”, POSDRU/84/6.1/S/57485, 2010-2013
- Project coordinator of „Increasing citizens’ participation and consultation for developing local policies in multiethnic commmunities”, Phare 2005, Consolidating democracy in Romania Program, 2007-2008
- Monitor of the implementation of European Charter of Minority and Regional Languages in Romania within the project „Monitoring the Charter of minority and regional languages in Romania”, implemented by Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center through PHARE 2006, 2009;
- Project coordinator „Treasure diversity”, supported by de Department for Interethnic Relations within Romanian Government, 2008
- Project coordinator „Treasure diversity”, project developed within the Program Developing Civil Society, Phare 2004, funded by European Union, 2007
- Project coordinator „Consolidating the capacity of nongovernmental organization in rural areas to respond communities’ needs”, Phare 2003, funded by European Union, 2005-2006
- Member of the implementation team „Improving ethnic relations in Romania. A participatory approach of the relations between citizens and LPA”, supported by Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, 2005-2007
- Member of the implementation team „Exploring the Relation between Motivation, Work and Citizenship”, Life Long Learning Program/Grundtvig, funded by European Union, 2004-2005
- Project assistant „Developing the capacity of nongovernmental organization in rural areas to respond communities’ needs”, Phare 2002, funded by European Union, 2003-2004
- Project assistant „Improving Ethnic Relation in South East Europe. Developing multiethnic Communities”, supported by Open Society Foundation, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, King Baudouin Foundation, 2003-2005

Blog / Website www.edrc.ro
Additional info about your experience and skills

- Experience related to research development in social sciences gained after participating in the project "The impact of diversity on political culture in Romania"; participating in the training course Incorporating Diversity in Public Administration Education, organized by Local Government Initiative, Budapest, 17-21 March 2008, as a researcher within the project “Comparative Reports on Local Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe”, Local Government Initiative Budapest, Hungary şi Tocqueville Research Center Budapest, Hungary, 2003; as a research assistant within Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Political Science, Cluj-Napoca 2007-2009 și and as a participant at The National School of Statistics, organized by The Political Science Faculty, the Sociology Faculty and The Open Society Foundation, 2002; as co-author of the research ‘’Community development in Romania. The state of field”, Partnership for Community Development, 2003.
- Basic financial management skills, including financial reporting, gained while working with European funded projects;
- Reviewing written materials experience gained while editing different published materials;
- Expert on guiding counselors to support Roma people to get a qualification and a job, as well as on designing a campaign addressed to employers - experience gained in the project ”INTEGRO. Integration through training and employment mediation/mediation for employment”.

Managerial Experience Yes
Years of Managerial Experience 13
Trainings "„Training of trainers” – training course authorized by MMFPSPV and MECTS, organized by Center for Public Policy, Cluj-Napoca, June 2013; ”Manager and specialist in improving proccesses” – courses authorized by MMFPSPV and MECTS, organized bu Public Policy Center, Cluj-Napoca, May-June 2013, October-November 2013; „Training program in the field of equality of chances and gender, nondiscrimination, acceptance of diversity, social inclusion” – training course authorized by MMFPSPV and MECTS, organized by Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center, Băile Felix, February 2012; „Project manager – with a focus on sustainable development”, training course authorized by MMFPSPV and MECTS, organized by Terra Mileniul III Foundation and Association Save Dunărea and Delta, Cluj-Napoca, May 2011; „Horizontal Training for Structural Instruments”, organized by the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance, Cluj-Napoca, May 2007; „Public Procurements Training”, organized by the Association of Specialists in Public Procurements and The Romanian Institute of Training, Cluj-Napoca, May 2007; „Structural Funds”, “Public Procurements”, The Romanian Institute of Training, Cluj-Napoca, September 2006; Training seminar on Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, organized by Minority Rights Group International and the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, February 2005; „Assistance for developement: strategies and practices in South Eastern Europe”, course organized by Babes-Bolyai University, October 2002 – January 2003"
Other Professional Certificates Political Science Bachlor Diploma, Project Manager Certificate, Social and Civic Competences Certificate, Trainer of trainers Certificate and others (see Training Section)
Degree Awarded Master’s
Area of Study Community Development/Management of Public Services
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