About Us

Who we are

GlobalFocus is an independent think-tank specialised in foreign policy, European affairs, good governance, security and development.

Our work is policy-oriented. We aim to provide decision-makers and leaders in government, public and private sectors with the best options to deal with current global challenges. For more detailed information about our objectives and programmes visit us here.

What is RED?

The Romanian Expertise Database (RED) is an open, integrated database which serves as a one-stop shop of Romanian reform and development expertise, putting together individual experts, public institutions, NGOs and private companies. It works as an interactive tool that allows you to explore and harness Romania’s experience and know-how in ten broad sectors of reform and acts as a facilitator between those who have made a significant contribution to Romania’s development and their counterparts in other states engaged in similar processes. Therefore, RED will support foreign partners to tap into this reservoir of living memory and foster a permanent exchange of experience among those looking to improve the lot of their societies.

The story behind

In nearly three decades Romania has undergone substantive changes, going from dictatorship and a closed society behind the Iron Curtain, to EU and NATO membership, an open market economy, democracy and social liberties. With the experience of successful transition in several policy areas, Romania today continues to perfect its democratic record, while also seeking to share with the world best practices and lessons already learnt.

Romania’s experience has become a valuable asset for international partners and requests for the transfer of its expertise are growing in scope and number. In order not to waste such a valuable resource, but also to bring professionals closer together, we have developed a comprehensive, carefully selected community of experts, NGOs, public institutions and businesses, which can provide mutual support, exchange information on professional opportunities and share their know-how at large.

The Romanian Expertise Database is a project of the GlobalFocus Center, funded by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the ODA funds and implemented with the support of the Regional UNDP Center for Eastern Europe and Central Asia