Who can use the database?

RED is an open database, so anyone can search for an expert or an institutional partner online, for free. Frequent users are potential beneficiaries and sponsors of development processes, government institutions, civil society organisations, international organisations and individual professionals. Romanian experts and NGOs are among those who access the database in search for cooperation and professional opportunities, applying to become members.

What is the added value?

  • main donors gain access to a reservoir of highly qualified human resources and get higher return on investment

  • beneficiary states get access to real-life experience which translates into more effective interventions and increased impact

  • Romanian civil society, private companies and state institutions get access to international cooperation

  • Romanian experts get broader access to international projects, funding, cooperation

We encourage persons and entities wishing to make use of the expertise available to either contact the experts/institutions directly, by using the contact form available on their RED profiles, or get in touch with the GlobalFocus team, at  and we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need in terms of resources and counsel.

How to search for an expert?

There are more ways to search for the expert that best matches your needs. One option is to look at the available fields of expertise and their corresponding sub-fields and to choose the expert directly from there. For example, if you look for an expert in anti-corruption, simply go to the Good governance and rule of law field and you will find listed all individual and institutional experts which have chosen good governance and rule of law as their primary field of expertise. You can visit the 10 fields of expertise either by accessing the areas of expertise page from the RED menu or by accessing them directly from the homepage.
Another possibility to find the right expert is by searching after the type of expert: individual or institutional. Each option has a wide range of criteria which will yield you results tailored to your own specific needs.

Who can join?

Any natural or legal person can log in to join the database, at any time. Simply click on the Add button (either for individual experts or for institutions), fill in the form and submit it. The application will be reviewed by a board of experts to check your credentials, qualifications, references and track-record, to make sure you meet all the criteria for membership (detailed here). Please allow up to 10 days for this. You will receive an email regarding your application and if successful, an invitation to complete your registration in the database.

What are the minimum requirements?

We aim to build a community of professionals whose experience can support reform and transformation processes in other countries. Hence, we do not impose a fixed set of requirements, but we aim to make sure that your experience is relevant, substantive and gathered in the course of actual project implementation. In other words, that your expertise is practical and transferable.

High levels of professionalism, integrity, adaptability and respect for diversity are expected.

For individual experts, you must be a Romanian national, or have Romanian citizenship. In the case of institutions, you should be legally registered in Romania.

You can find the full list of criteria here.

Why should I trust your experts?

Because they are top notch – and our selection process guarantees this. Each application is carefully reviewed by a board of established and recognised senior experts, with extensive international experience, according to a transparent set of criteria. Apart from objective verifiable facts in experts’ CVs, we make every effort to collect references from partners, sponsors, beneficiaries, other experts and professionals, in an unbiased manner, relying on multiple sources, starting from the presumption of professionalism, but expecting to have it demonstrated through traceable record.

Romanian experts are often considered the best in the field, because of their extensive experience of making and living the change, their interpersonal and intercultural skills and language abilities, their down-to-earth approach and diligence. This is exactly what you will find in the Romanian Expertise Database.

Which are the fields of expertise?

You can find more information about our fields of expertise here