List of individual experts

Type of expert: Individual
First Name Florin
Last Name Moisa
Sector of Activity NGO
Primary Field of Expertise National minorities, inter-ethnic reconciliation
Years of Expertise
  • >7
Employment Availability
  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Collaboration
  • Consultancy
  • Short-term
  • Medium term
Geographic Experience / Focus
  • Europe
Gender Male
Second and Third Field
  • Peace and security
  • Sustainable development
  • Equal rights and anti-discrimination
Peace and security
  • Free and fair elections
Sustainable development
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Social policies
National minorities and inter-ethnic reconciliation
  • National minorities and inter-ethnic reconciliation
Equal rights and anti-discrimination
  • Roma
  • Youth and social categories at risk
Countries you have worked in Romania, Hungary, France, Germany, Belgium
Job Title Executive President
Employer Resource Center for Roma Communities Foundation
Sector of Activity NGO
Other Languages
  • English
English Professional Fluency
Papers / Articles Published

"o 2016: coordinator of research report “Strategies -YES, funding –NO. Financing mechanisms for Roma public policies in Romania” (co-authors Daniela Tarnovschi, Claudiu Ivan, Adriana Marin, Diana Lacatus, Radu Lacatus). Cluj Napoca: Centrul de Resurse pentru Comunitatile de Romi
o 2013: main researcher for the “Civil Society Monitoring on the Implementation of the National Roma Integration Strategy and Decade Action Plan in 2012, Romania” (authors Florin Moisa, Iulius Rostas, Daniela Tarnovschi, Iulian Stoian, Stefania Andersen), Budapest: Decade of Roma Inclusion Secretariat Foundation (
o 2012: article “School Desegregation Policies in Romania” in the volume Ten Years After. A History of Roma School Desegregation in Central and Eastern Europe, editor Iulius Rostas, Budapest: Central European University Press and Roma Education Fund
o 2011: co-author with Maria Roth of the article “The Right to Education of Roma Children in Romania. European Policies and Romanian Practices”, în The International Journal of Children’s Righs, Volume & Issue: CHIL 19.4
o 2011, July – “The Challenge of Social Inclusion of Roma. Poverty or Discrimination Approach?”, in Revista de Asistenţă Socială (Social Work Review), anul X, nr. 3/2011, 1-18 ( )
o 2011, January– collaborator for the study „Measures to promote the situation of Roma EU citizens in the European Union”, European Parliament, General Directorate Internal Policies, PE 432.747
o 2010, February – article “Kozpolitikek a roma problemak kezelesere” in the MK Magyar Kisebbseg. Nemezetpolitikai Szemle (no. 2008/3-4), “A Romaniai Nemezeti Kisebbsegek Integraciojat Celzo Allampolitikak”, Communitas Alapitvany, Cluj Napoca
o 2008, December - article “Public policies for Roma”, in the volume Politici de integrare a minoritatilor nationale din România. Aspecte legale si institutionale într-o perspectiva comparata (Integration policies for the ethnic minorities in Romania. Legal and institutional aspects form a comparative perspective), Levente SALAT (editor), Cluj, Edit. CRDE, 2008 (;
o 2007, June – “Roma Programs Financed by The U.S. Government: Best Practices And Lessons Learned”, together with Cathryn L. Thorup, Cristi Mihalache, Florin Moisa, and Jennifer Ulman, as consultants for Management Systems International
o 2007, rapporteur for “Access to Quality Education for Roma in Romania”, a project of Open Society Institute Budapest EUMAP; published by Open Society Institute (see;

Flagship Projects

variety of grant giving programs; structural funds strategic projects in the field of Roma issues

Additional info about your experience and skills

"- Certified Trainer – Professionals Competency Certificate no. A 011961, issued by Council for Occupational Standards and Accreditation (Consiliul pentru Standarde Ocupationale si Atestare).
- Certified Project Manager - Professionals Competency Certificate no. B 003895, issued by National Council for Adult Professional training

Managerial Experience Yes
Years of Managerial Experience 15
Trainings management, advocacy, community development, inter-ethnic relations, etc
Other Professional Certificates Master of Business Administration
Degree Awarded Doctoral
Area of Study Sociology
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