List of individual experts

Type of expert: Individual
First Name Roxana
Last Name Damaschin-Tecu
Sector of Activity International Organizations
Primary Field of Expertise Sustainable development
Years of Expertise
  • >7
Employment Availability
  • Collaboration
  • Consultancy
  • Short-term
  • Medium term
  • Long-term
  • Remote
Geographic Experience / Focus
  • Europe
  • Americas
Gender Female
Second and Third Field
  • Economic reform and private sector development
  • Sustainable development
  • Equal rights and anti-discrimination
  • Civil society development
Economic reform and private sector development
  • Entrepreneurship
Sustainable development
  • Education
  • Social policies
  • Social economy
Equal rights and anti-discrimination
  • Mental health and people with disabilities
Civil society development
  • Civil society development
Job Title Portfolio Director
Employer NESsT
Sector of Activity Social Enterprise
Other Languages
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
English Professional Fluency
German Limited Knowledge
French Professional Fluency
Spanish Limited Knowledge
Flagship Projects

Developing social enterprises in CEE and Latin America

Blog / Website
Additional info about your experience and skills

"Meeting and communication skills – organised events, held presentations and trainings, worked as a team member or team leader
Empathic and interpersonal abilities – work with persons facing social issues and manage to understand and develop positive relationships.
Team work – worked in various types of national and international teams, from day to day activities to specific projects’ activities
Intercultural skills – experienced at working and living in multinational environments – as a student, as an employee and as an individual
Sense of organisation: organised events (i.e. national conference, trainings, summer camps), implemented projects and managed teams.
Leadership: responsible for a team of 13 persons. Manage people since 2005
Initiative: proposed and sustained innovative projects and new cooperation for my organization
Keen analytical and problem solving skills in high value, time-intensive environments: administrated budgets, worked under time pressure,
managed several tasks in the same time, solved conflicts."

Managerial Experience Yes
Years of Managerial Experience 10
Degree Awarded Master’s
Area of Study Economics
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