List of individual experts

Type of expert: Individual
First Name Alina-Maria
Last Name Arucsandei
Sector of Activity Public Sector
Primary Field of Expertise Peace and security
Years of Expertise
  • >7
Employment Availability
  • Part-time
  • Collaboration
  • Consultancy
  • Short-term
  • Remote
Geographic Experience / Focus
  • Europe
Gender Female
Second and Third Field
  • Good governance and rule of law
Good governance and rule of law
  • Anti-corruption and integrity
Peace and security
  • Reform of the armed forces
  • Depoliticisation, civilian oversight
Countries you have worked in Romania, Ukraine
Job Title Operational Analysis International Expert with the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine
Employer EU funded project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine”/Justice Cooperation Internationale
Sector of Activity International Organizations
Other Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
English Professional Fluency
French Working Knowledge
Spanish Working Knowledge
Papers / Articles Published

"co-author :
-Good Practice Guide for investigation of serious crimes committed with violence and Judicial Dictionary - outcome of EU funded Project “Developing the capacity of specialized structures to efficiently prevent, combat and investigate serious crimes committed with violence” "

Flagship Projects

"EU funded project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” –Kiev, Ukraine
Operational Analysis International Expert with the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine
Advice and support in setting up the Analytical Unit within the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU):
• To assess the administrative and operational requirements such as setting objectives, identifying reporting mechanism, identifying quantifiable indicators, setting timetable for evaluation of results including needed software to establish functioning Analytical Unit, in order to support NABU to carry out its operational duties
• To provide advice on how to set up Analytical Unit, developing internal infrastructure and cooperation mechanism, design and assist drafting Standard Operating Procedures for the Unit
• To design the training needs for the Analytical Unit and to provide recommendations on how to improve the awareness of NABU staff , to understand the purpose of the Unit and especially how to utilise the outcome of their work
• To mentor NABU´s relevant staff on how to carry out analytical tasks and how to formulate and present it tot its beneficiaries, in order to support NABU´s overall operational activities

Additional info about your experience and skills

"Law related:
•Theoretical background: Bachelor’s Degree in Law (Criminal and Civil Law, Procedural Criminal and Civil Law, International, Commercial etc.)
•8 years of professional experience in criminal investigation and liaising with Prosecutor’s Office and Courts in enforcing legal provisions of the Criminal Code and those of the Criminal procedural code

Police related:
•Organized Crime (Antidrug, Master’s Degree in Organized Crime)
•Criminal investigation for all categories of crimes and offenses
•Intelligence Analysis – cooperation with Criminal Investigations Division, Homicide, Fraud Investigation Department, Senior management
Analysis related
 Tactical Analyst
• Criminal trends
• Suspect and victim profiles (from statistical perspective)
• Statistical analysis
• Institutional activity evaluation
• Geographical analysis (geo-mapping, hotspot analysis)
 Operational analyst
• Data processing and creating basic information database
• Link analysis, Activity analysis, Timeline analysis, Phone records analysis, financial analysis, Comparative analysis + criminal profiling (from information content perspective)
• Open source analysis
• Social network analysis
 Analyst in a EU Advisory Mission
• Interlocutors mapping
• Project mapping
• Open source mining and analysis
• Risk analysis
• Analytical support in political assessments
• Processing data
• Creating information databases and importing
• Creating graphical outputs based on analysis of different entities
• Delivering PowerPoint presentations on analytical outputs and unit activity
• Reporting on Department activity indicators
• Delivering basic training on analytical tools.

 Other:
• Experience in liaising and cooperating with law enforcement bodies and other connected structures while working in Bucharest Police, first as an Antidrug Officer (Prosecutor’s Office, Courts representatives including with prosecutors in the High Justice Court for complex drug trafficking cases).
• Experience with project management - member of the implementation team of the Life Learning Programme (sectorial programme Leonardo Da Vinci) EU funded Project “Developing the capacity of specialized structures to efficiently prevent, combat and investigate serious crimes committed with violence” ’ (2013-2014).
• Experience in dealing with management and decision-makers – institutional evaluations were drafted under close supervision of Senior management.
• Good negotiator and coordinator – I coordinated collection, collation and analysis of statistical data and activity indicators from all Bucharest Police Units, on a yearly and 6 monthly basis.
• Planning and evaluation - directly involved in drafting periodical institutional assessments, definition of reporting indicators etc.
• Drafting Internal standard operating procedures and job descriptions while working in the Bucharest Police Intelligence Analysis Unit.
• Basic training on analytical techniques – delivered basic training to operative police officers and fellow analysts with regard to analytical techniques, types of analytical products, basic use of applications used to ensure information flow within the Unit.
• Civilian Sector reform theory – trainings during Mission activity.

Managerial Experience Yes
Years of Managerial Experience 1
Trainings Security Sector Reform, IBM I2,Induction training for EUAM Ukraine, Safety and security awareness training, crisis management in international missions
Other Professional Certificates Bachelor of Law, I2 Analyst’s Notebook , Critical incident stress management , Crisis management in international missions (EUPST, EUPOL), GIS,
Degree Awarded Master’s
Area of Study Law enforcement/Combating Organized Crime
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